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TPD Claims

What is TPD?

TPD (Commonly known as Total and Permanent Disability or Total & Permanent Disablement) is an insurance benefit available under a superannuation fund.

This is available in addition to the contributions (account balance) made by the employer/fund member.

Can I claim TPD?

You can make a claim for TPD if:

  • You have ceased your employment and/or duties as a result of an illness and/or injury (please note that this does not mean your employment must be formally terminated) AND
  • You are unlikely to return to your employment duties as a result of this illness/injury AND
  • You were under the age of 65 years when you ceased this employment AND
  • You were a member of a SuperFund at the time you ceased your employment and had TPD insurance at the time you became unwell.

How do I know if I have TPD insurance?

You will need to have a look at your current Superannuation Statement. If you are covered for TPD, it will normally be located near the Death Benefit including the amount you are insured for.

Is there a time limit to make a claim?

There are no time limits in lodging a claim against your Superannuation Fund for TPD claims if your employment has not been formally terminated.

However, most funds require you to be absent from work for a continual period of at least 6 months before you will qualify to make a claim for TPD.

In the instance that your employment has been formally terminated then you must lodge the claim for TPD within two years of this date. Example: If your employment was formally terminated on 28 January 2010 then you have until 28 January 2012 to lodge your claim with the superannuation fund.

If your claim is rejected by the fund after lodgment, you will have six years from the date the claim is rejected to file proceedings in the court, if necessary.

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